Here is what no one tells you about - Why Are Richard Mille Watches So Expensive

Price of Luxury: Why Are Richard Mille Watches So Expensive?


Why are Richard Mille watches so expensive: “Richard Mille” is one of the most legendary and very expensive watches in the world.

It is a watch designed by watch designer Richard Mille for his own collection of watches he has designed himself.

He was inspired by his love of watches, which he attributes to his father, who had an extensive collection of vintage and modern watches.

In the beginning Richard Mille envisioned this unique collection to be a tribute to the rich legacy of watchmaking, with a focus on building many different types of luxury timepieces that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Richard Mille originally thought that each watch would be different in design and build, but after many years of development, it became clear that there was not enough time left in each model’s life cycle to make such a huge variety.

Each timepiece must have something special inherent to it that distinctively sets it apart from everyone else.

The hope was always that there would come a day when Richard Mille could release a new version of this extraordinary collection, and these timeless watches would be offered by Richard Mille at some future point in time.

For now, though, you can enjoy these very special versions at much lower prices than their original asking price!

I am thrilled that we can offer you this opportunity to discover how much money you will save compared to buying another expensive “Richard Mille” watch!

The history of Richard Mille watches

Richard Mille is one of the most well-known luxuries watch manufacturers.

The founder of the company, Richard Mille, began his production in Switzerland in 1925.

His first watch was a mechanical chronograph with a dial that featured luminous hands and a hand-set second time zone.

Richard Mille was able to make a name for himself because he was able to sell watches at an affordable price that was around $200 in today’s day and age.

The innovative Swiss designer came up with several different models throughout the years, which led to his brand becoming very famous for their high-quality watches.

The company has been manufacturing high-end timepieces ever since it began its production in 1925, and today the company employs over 5,000 people worldwide.

The Richard Mille is one of their most popular models, and it is currently priced at $180,000 (in 2003). The company adorns its story of success with a beautiful tunnel-shaped hand-set second time zone.

The Richard Mille was created by exposing an unvarnished steel case to extreme temperatures and the occasional splash of water, and the resulting molten material became the timepiece’s casing.

This complicated process allowed the soft steel spring bar to interact with the wrist’s natural motion. The Richard Mille has a hand-set second time zone, in which two different systems were used.

First, the second time zone was based on a German design, in which a spring bar was connected to the watch’s crown.

The connection between the spring bar and crown allowed it to leap ahead by approximately 15 seconds – at a cost of $30 per watch in 1950s.

Second, a second time zone was designed with rotating discs in order to mimic the second time zone of a Tachymeter, and it is thus possible to set the date and time.

The rise and fall of the Richard Mille became very successful during the 1960s, when its popularity declined in comparison to other market-dominating models.

The hand-set second time zone of the Richard Mille was a remarkable invention that has since become largely forgotten. It’s also worth mentioning that this particular model was manufactured from 1941 onward, that is, from its first year of production.

The design of Richard Mille watches

The design of Richard Mille watches is not modeled on any other watch that I’m aware of.

They are unique and that is why they are so expensive. The production process takes many months to finish and much time is spent testing and perfecting the designs before it reaches the manufacturing stage.

In a way, this means that the production time of a watch is proportional to its rarity, which is why they can be very expensive.

The design of watches also varies quite a lot since each one takes many months to design and their creation requires a large amount of investment in materials and labor costs.

The production process of some famous brands like Rolex usually takes between two to three years, while other brands like Richard Mille take up to five years for their watches.

The manufacturing process for some high-end brands though does not take as long as others such as Richard Mille because the materials used in making them are more durable, which leads to an increased production time compared to other watches with similar specifications who use fewer durable materials.

But Richard Mille watches use materials such as titanium, diamond crystals and high-end engineering materials such as polymers and metals, and those investments in materials makes them very expensive.

The materials used in Richard Mille watches

You’ve probably seen a few pictures of luxury wristwatches.

You may have even seen a few people walking around wearing them. But what makes them so expensive?

How can you tell if they’re worth the price?

The first thing you need to focus on is the materials used in its construction.

Most watches are made from gold and platinum, which can go for quite a bit more money than other metals such as silver, which is better priced.

How many times have you heard someone say, “well, I paid $1000 for my watch? It cost $500 to make so it’s worth it”? That isn’t true at all.

The materials used in these watches are insanely expensive when compared to other things:  

gold – 5k a gram;

platinum – 20k a gram;

diamonds – up to $100/carat;

rubies – up to $50/carat;

sapphires as well as emeralds and rubies can cost up to $500/carat;

sapphire glass – more expensive than stainless steel;

silicon rubber (silicone) is also expensive at around $20/gram;

and finally,

50% of the manufacturers profit is made by manufacturing materials currently used in the production process (which includes stainless steel, which was being previously used in the production process).

It is possible that your watch costs less than 100$ but don’t count on it.

There are also different options for materials that could be used instead of gold and platinum:  

rubies – much cheaper than regular ruby material but not as durable as gold or platinum;

sapphires and emeralds could be made using cheaper alternatives such as aluminum or plastic instead of real gems but they would still be considered “luxury” materials by most people.

For instance, they might only cost 200$ while diamonds are usually priced at between 1000-1200$.

And then there are “platinum-like” synthetic (plastic) materials available:  

For instance, there is polycarbonate glass available but people would usually still consider polycarbonate glass to be “luxury” material because they aren’t actually made from precious metals but are instead created using plastic molecules together with chemical reactions and other chemicals.

But this doesn’t mean that polycarbonate glass isn’t still considered “luxury”.

In fact, some diamond jewelry companies use polycarbonate in their products because plastic was much cheaper to make and it’s harder to break so everyday people (particularly women) would still consider it be “luxury”.

“Because” these materials are made from plastic in many cases, it doesn’t mean that such materials or alternatives to these materials aren’t “luxury”.

However, different materials used in the manufacturing process have different properties and different merits as well.

The reason platinum-like materials are more expensive is because they still have extremely high melting temperatures, whereas gold only needs a very low melting temperature.

Platinum-like materials also require more heat (and therefore power) to be melted, so if you’re going to use platinum-like material in your watch, you might be better off with gold-like material instead of the plastic-like alternative that you were thinking of.  

However, there are many investments where platinum-like materials are cheaper (instead of gold) to make:  Unfortunately, in the case of luxury watches, they cost more to produce as well, but it usually takes less money to make a watch simply because it’s less expensive to produce than it is to make something that is a diamond or sapphire.

To make things even more complicated, there are many different types of materials used in the manufacture process as well.

For instance, some luxury watches use both titanium and platinum instead of just using only one.

Titanium is also considered to be a better-quality material than platinum because it is more durable but is also more expensive than platinum.

When it comes to timepieces using carbon fiber materials, carbon fiber costs about the same as platinum at the manufacturer because the carbon fiber materials are cheaper to manufacture than gold/platinum (or titanium).

These are just some of the most obvious differentiators. But there are even more. Some materials used in make from platinum and rubies are less durable than gold or diamonds. It’s just a matter of preference, so don’t worry about it.

Here is what no one tells you about - Why Are Richard Mille Watches So Expensive
Here is what no one tells you about – Why Are Richard Mille Watches So Expensive

The craftsmanship of Richard Mille watches

Watches can often be purchased for less.

But why?

A study by The Telegraph, who broke down the price of Richard Mille’s most expensive watch, has revealed that the watches are actually more expensive than you might think.

The study calculated that a Richard Mille watch, which retails at $10.3 million, is actually around $498,000; a luxury watch by another famous brand would set you back $2 million.

The Telegraph ‘s price calculations were based on the total number of components that go into a watch and not just the watch itself.

It also took into account other factors such as materials used and their quality; this includes the material used in the case for example.

However, these estimates may be too high for some watches because they have many more components than just a movement or some dials on your wrist.

These components include:

A 16-karat gold case

An 18k-gold bracelet with diamonds and sapphire crystals

A ceramic dial with 14K white gold hands

A rose gold case and bracelet

An enamel dial with 18K white gold hands

A rose gold case with sapphire crystal dials in 23K yellow gold, 18K white gold and black diamonds and sapphire crystal dials in 30K yellow gold and black diamonds and sapphire crystal dials in 42K yellow gold and black domes.

Pretty much everything an expensive watch needs to be considered valuable!  

Annette Bening’s swan shaped Richard Mille RM 5623 is one of the most expensive watches ever sold as it retails at $1 million dollars.

However, if you’re looking to own one of these watches, you’ll have to pay a hefty sum – probably well over $1 million for it!

The exclusivity of Richard Mille watches

The most expensive watches in the world are produced by the famous watches manufacturer Richard Mille.

The company is based in Switzerland and produces timepieces with a very high level of precision, precision that comes at a high cost.

The price of these pieces is so enormous that many people have started to question whether it is worth it.

Richard Mille watches usually cost about $9 million, but this price tag reflects the sheer amount of craftsmanship that goes into making a watch.

They are made with an almost perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

They also come with very long warranties and after-sales service levels that are unheard of for luxury items in general.

The Swiss based company produces about 440 different models, but only about 30 percent of them end up being sold.

This is because there aren’t enough people who want to buy Richard Mille watches, especially when you consider the fact that each piece costs between $15 million and $40 million depending on its model number and quality of materials used.

The exclusive nature of Richard Mille watches is one reason why they have become so expensive — they have become synonymous with status and luxury.

Why are Richard Mille watches so expensive

Richard Mille is a hugely glamorous luxury brand owned by the Richemont group.

The brand has been selling watches in the world for over 150 years and has so far sold over 14 million watches.

Most of the watches sold by Richard Mille are priced higher than any other luxury watches brands.

The watches sold by Richard Mille are as expensive as £6,000+ which are the most expensive watches in the world.

There are many reasons why the expensive watches made by Richard Mille are so expensive.

1. Limited availability of Royal Oak Offshore models

2. The Craftsmanship of Richard Mille

3. The price tag…

4. …And the Brand’s Own Rendering of it What makes a Richard Mille so expensive?

According to some, it is a mechanical watch, and not a quartz watch.

A quartz watch is considered as a ‘wristwatch’ because it can be worn on someone’s wrist without them having to remove it from their pocket.

Richard Mille watches are also called “mille-eau” which means “million water” in French.

The name of the brand comes from the fact that they use very thin and thin gold to make the watches even thinner.

The watch has a narrow rectangular frame and they are very thin.

When the handmade mechanical watches are thus made, the movement is only exposed to air, meaning that none of it is seen in the watch itself.

While with a quartz watch, most of the parts of the watch can be seen through the crystal glass of the watch due to its varnish.


In the past few years, the prices of various rare watches became more and more expensive.

This was mainly due to the fact that in the past several years, there is been a lot of demand for high quality timepieces.

But why are richard mille watches so expensive?

A rare timepiece called a mille (Mille) is a watch with a million parts. So, it’s not just complicated but very complicated too.

The word mille comes from the French word mille that means “one thousand”.

So, the price of a mille will be one thousand times higher than a cheaper watch or an ordinary watch, which means it costs 1 million dollars per minute to make such watches!

Before this article, you may have never heard of Richard Mille watches or how expensive they are.

But now you know:  

1) They are very complex in design and construction;

2) The cost of making such watches is very high;

3) Making such sophisticated timepieces is extremely difficult;

4) Swiss watchmaking companies have invested millions in research and development to make these sorts of watches possible;

5) They have made rigorous efforts to employ only those skilled people that are best qualified at their particular job (watchmakers);

6) It has been an extremely difficult task so far for them;

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